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We specialize in the following services:

"The jobs not FINISH until it's FINISHED"

                                                       Specializing In  Working With Out Of Town Customers           

 We specialize in building for the out of town customer.  At Marlin Build and Design, we understand how difficult it is to build a custom home without living in the same town.  We have developed a system to engage the customer in all aspects of building the home.  From the design process to the finishing touches.

The system starts by developing the house plan with our Award-Winning 3-D architect design software.  We can help you get it just right the first time.  By using the internet you can have design consultation in real-time.  So once we develop a house plan and a budget with our virtual showroom, you can make your preference selections such as exterior colors, window types, interior moldings, architectural elements, cabinet layout and design, appliances, floor coverings, interior paint selections, lighting fixtures plumbing fixtures, design and layout driveways, walkways, and landscaping. We like to have the customer involved in every aspect of the project with our 24/7 virtual office.  You can stay in touch with the progress of your home.  By viewing, construction documents such as specifications and contracts, floor plans and elevations, 3-D walk-through and renderings, construction scheduling, change orders, accounting schedules, photos, and video of the progress, stay in touch with the project manager by e-mail and text messaging, and of course telephone.


                                                          The Process Of Design And  Busilding Custom Home

It's a little bit like the chicken and the egg.  Which comes first building sites or the house plan.  It doesn't really matter.
You can find a house plan that you love, and we can help you find a lot it will fit on or modify the plan to fit if you already own a building lot.  We can design a home to fit characteristics of the lot so the design process can start in many different ways.
So once you have the design and the building lot you can then make the selections of your preference items from there.  We can develop a budget.  This process can be achieved from the comfort of your own home via the Internet.  When the construction process starts, we really only require two visits to the site.  We want to help select the trees that you would like to keep.  The next site visit would be during the rough in stage that is when all the wiring, plumbing and HVAC are being done and from there the next time is to do a final walk through and move in.

                                                           How The 3-D Architectural Design Process Works


The first step of designing a new home is to decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms you desire, the next step would be deciding if you would like a multi-story house plan.  You can decide on living areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, great rooms, office, play rooms, kitchen, laundry, closets and storage space, and garages.
From that we would decide which kind of architecture you like such as Victorian, Transitional, Georgian, Coastal, Federal etc. The type of styling helps us decide which exterior finishes are to be used such as brick, siding, stone, stucco or a combination of all, window type and the style of roofing, columns, and architectural elements.  The interior is done much the same way.  We decide the room layouts to fit your lifestyle.  You architectural elements such as ceiling types and interior millwork with our 3-D virtual architectural software.  We can place furniture and furnishings to scale to help you with the flow of the floor plan.  We can generate 3-D virtual walk through's and renderings of all the interior space to help you get a feel of the volume of the living space, by placing furniture in rooms.  You will know whether you can walk around beds and dressers in your bedroom. 
In the living room we can decide the best place for your television.  Kitchens are much the same way.  You can see if your kitchen table will fit or if barstools will work.  We can help you decide on the color and texture of floor coverings, kitchen cabinet styles and layouts.  


                                                                                      "Green Design"

With all of the buzz in the media about "green" design and construction, there remains much confusion about what “green” design and construction really consists of.  There are actually many shades of green as well as a lot of “green wash” in the marketplace.  We will give you a comprehensive understanding of the real aspects of a green home and help you decide which aspects of green design you want to incorporate into your project.

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